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Rich in History & Wine Culture

Valencia is in a region with a lot of history. Iberians, Phoenicians, Romans, Mores all populated the region throughout history.

The Romans founded Valencia and other towns on the Valencia coast. Original cross-roads, amphitheatres, monuments, museums, an oracle and much more can help you step back into time and imagine what life might have been like in the lands of this most important empire.

The wine regions (ex. Requena-Utiel, Fontanars del alforins etc) are rich with excellent wines and grapes native to the region. The wine culture in the region is ancestral with its roots dating back to the Phoenicians, who introduced the first strains of wine in the Valencian territory.

Throughout the centuries, wine activity has been increasing in the Valencian region and consolidating itself more extraordinarily in international commercialization in more recent years.

Valencian Wine Tours

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After meeting at the pick-up location, introductions and a quick registry of the participants, we will hop into my new Toyota Proace Verso Shuttle van!

I prefer small groups of a maximum of 7 people (8 including myself) to ensure an enhancing experience and camaraderie among the participants.

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Wine Tours Valencia

Discover the great Wines of Valencia!

Originally from Montreal, Canada, I settled in Valencia over 7 years ago after spending 7 years in Moscow, Russia. Coming from a previous profession that allowed me to taste some of the best wines from around the world, I was keen on learning more about the local wine growing regions.

After many certificate courses from the local Denominación de Origen Valencia and world recognized WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust) as well as visiting many different wine makers and vineyards, I was indeed pleasantly surprised at the very high level wines being produced with both foreign and local grape varieties, adding a unique set of properties to the local vintage!

With Valencia's wine making reputation still in its early years of development, I would be pleased to impart my knowledge of some of the most excellent wines and wineries around Valencia.

Wine Tours Valencia